opened the doors of the THE COMTOISE (MORBIER) CLOCK  MUSEUM - which opened on August 25, 2011, and is part of Bernd Deckert Clock Co, Duesseldorf (Germany) - Antique Clocks/Clock Manufactory/Comtoise (Morbier) Clock Museum.

As sale of antique clocks through the web definitively is a question of confidence, all offered and sold clocks - without exception -are coming with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY issued by the COMTOISE (MORBIER) CLOCK MUSEUM


In the files on the left you will find a lot of clock parts ( COMTOISE SHOP ) as well as a lot of  antique wall clocks, longcase clocks and table clocks ( ANTIQUE CLOCKS ). Using ‘Search Gallery’ right above helps you to find quickly what you are looking for. In addition you will find many spare parts for clocks and reproductions of clocks which are not listed in the E-SHOP of our main web-page: www.comtoise.com


All descriptions are rendered in English language because the offers of this e-shop are appealed to international buyers primarily, antique dealers as well as antique clock collectors. The offers of this shop will expand continously.


If you need more information oryou want to buy something please be so kind to contact us at:deckert@comtoise.deCommunicating with us you can use either English, French or German language. Wes hall be pleased to advise you!


It does’nt matter if you buy one or several antique clocks from us you always can be sure to get what we promised.

Wether you are antique clock collector or dealeryou can use and take advantage of our experience with antique clocks and their restoration/repair of more than 40 years in business.


We are also working as buying agents of antique clocks for overseas customers. If you are interested in using this special service we shall be pleased to offer appropriate to your needs.


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